All about us


Our customers

Our  customers wishes are one of our first priorities. We offer a high quality product made to the client’s orders  which is delivered with guaranteed freshness at an economical price. Furthermore the customer’s trust is our highest aim.

Our Employees

Competent  and well motivated staff are the grounding of our success and our qualified team strive for a smoothe working environment, which guarantees a production of the best goods.


Our Partners 

Competence and trust reinforces our relationship to our business partners. An open and fair working strategy is guaranteed. At the same time we are prepared to bare our responsibility towards society and the environment.

Our Business 

We are an independent business which promotes high standards of quality and safety. That is the reason we are able to secure our niche in the market. In the future we want to guarantee first class performance and the further development of our market share.  


BAUMEISTER GMBH EG - meat processing factory, Alterweg 40, D - 48683 Ahaus-Alstätte

Phonenumber: 49 25 67 - 10 96, Faxnumber: 49 25 67 - 33 96, e-Mail: