Our Business

„To survive on the competitive market around us, quality has to be of  first priority.“ With this principle in mind Aloys and Wolfgang Baumeister founded their business in 1982.

In Ahaus- Alstätte, on an area covering 2200 square meters, a modern meat processing factory grew which continues to work up to the latest hygiene standards.

The customer orientated standardisation of pork is another important characteristic feature of the Baumeister GmbH. This allows quick delivery to the client.

Satisfied customers make the business a very important supplier for the whole sausage and sliced meat industry in Germany and Europe.The Baumeister GmbH obtains their products only from carefully choosen European slaughter houses.

The tightly controlled chilled storage, from the production line through to the delivery, reensures the quality standards of the company. Daily inspection by the Veterinary

Board ensures further safety standards.

A modern loading area, owned by the company,  guarantees a quick and reliable service.

The consistent attention to quality, hygiene and the ability to be able to cater  for individual customers needs is reflected by a high respect on the market.

The quality  management of the  Baumeister GmbH combines well qualified and motivated staff at the forefront of technology, with the same  standards as the ingredients , production and quality controls  incorporated by us.

 This results in reliably manufactured goods of the finest quality and we can say without doubt ``Baumeister means quality with peace of  mind``.


BAUMEISTER GMBH EG - meat processing factory, Alterweg 40, D - 48683 Ahaus-Alstätte

Phonenumber: 49 25 67 - 10 96, Faxnumber: 49 25 67 - 33 96, e-Mail: info@baumeister-zerlegebetrieb.de